Field Trip Terms / Policies


  1. If I arrive early I will not be admitted early.
  2. The party reservation is for a set timeframe.
  3. All children/minors are charged to enter, skating or observing.
  4. Coupons and memberships are not accepted.
  5. Teachers are welcome to skate for free.
  6. Observing parent chaperones are not charged.
  7. Parent chaperones wishing to skate are charged $5 admission with rentals included.
  8. Sack Lunch Policy: Children may each bring 1 sack lunch. HRSC cannot store, refrigerate, prepare, or cook any item. HRSC cannot be held responsible for any food allergies. The following items are strictly forbidden: energy drinks, soda, & candy. The concessions will be open for purchases. 
  9. HRSC cannot store, refrigerate, prep, or cook any food items carried in by a customer or the school.
  10. Rollerblades are $2 extra with packages #1-3.
  11. Unlimited playground entry is included for children, max age in playground 12yrs.  Package price does not change if the playground is not used.
  12. A teacher must read the safety rules to students prior to exiting the bus. Safety rules are provided in the terms and conditions and will also be emailed prior to arrival. A printed copy can be provided at arrival. For the quickest admission process, teachers are asked to read the rules to students before exiting the bus.

Terms/Waiver: This is a skate & play at your own risk facility. Please read the full details listed below as they will be enforced:

  1. BILLING: Your final headcount will determine your balance. A minimum charge of 40 guests WILL APPLY. Final payment at the conclusion of the event is preferred. All invoices must be paid within 20 days. Invoices paid after 21 days will include a $50 late payment fee. Payment can be completed using cash, VISA, MasterCard, or a business check. Personal checks are not accepted.
  2. INCLEMENT WEATHER: In the event of inclement weather your party may be postponed (by you or HRSC staff) or rescheduled. If the La Crosse school district is closed or closes early due to inclement weather your party WILL BE postponed – the rink will NOT be open.
  3. ALLERGIES: Items containing peanuts and other tree nuts ARE SOLD in the vending machine & toy counter. To the best of our knowledge, nut products are not used in the kitchen or concessions.
  4. Supervision / Discipline: it is the responsibility of the teachers / school staff to supervise and discipline patrons while using the facility. All school rules as well as all printed, posted, and verbal policies of HRSC must be obeyed. This policy and skate floor rules can always be viewed on our webpage.


  • Socks are required to use the facility. If children arrive without socks they will not be able to skate or use the playground, but you will still be charged for their admission. Socks are available for $2 a pair.
  • Max age in the playground is 12yrs old.
  • Patrons may bring their own skates or rollerblades-package price does not change. All personal equipment must be inspected by HRSC staff prior to use, equipment must be clean and in general “good repair.”
  • Scooters are NOT allowed.
  • Wheelchairs and strollers are welcome on the rink: wheels must be dry, clean, smooth and the equipment must be in overall good repair. Strollers must be pushed by an adult, not a child. No additional items can be attached to or stored in the stroller or wheelchair. This is to avoid items falling from such a device onto the floor and becoming a tripping hazard.

SAFETY RULES: Adults and children will be required to adhere to following safety rules.

  • 1. Obey all verbal and written rules at all times.
  • 2. No stopping or standing on the skating surface unless instructed by the DJ.
  • 3. Remain skating in the regular skating direction without skating into the center dark blue circle unless instructed by the DJ.
  • 4. Food and drink are NOT allowed on the skating floor, on the ledge around the skating floor, in the playground, on the video games, or in the bathrooms.
  • 5. No skater is allowed to pick up/carry another patron.
  • 6. Racing, chasing, and playing tag is not allowed.
  • 7. The use of cell phones, music devices, and headphones is prohibited on the skating floor.
  • 8. Playground Rules: No shoes or skates allowed, socks are required, no food or drink, no climbing up the slide, no climbing underneath, behind, on top of, or along the outside of the playground. Max age in the playground is 12yrs old.
  • 9. Supervision / Discipline: it is the responsibility of the hosts and chaperones to supervise and discipline patrons while using the facility
  • 10. All rules outlined in the school code of conduct apply.
  • 11. All accidents and concerns must be reported to HRSC senior staff immediately.

 Skate and play at your risk, Not responsible for accidents. WI STATS. 895.525 (3) & (4)