Saturday 12-9 PM Open Skate, Click for Details

October 3, 2020 @ 12:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Kids 3-17yrs Old
    $7 - $13
    Admission $7 each
    Rentals $3 (regular skates or rollerblades)
    Add playground wristband to entry $3 (elementary aged kids only)
    Enjoy the rink for as long as you like, OPEN 12-9 PM
    Adults 18yrs+
    $0 - $5
    Admission $5 each
    Rentals included (regular skates or rollerblades)
    Observing adults are not charged
    Enjoy the rink for as long as you like, OPEN 12-9 PM
    For Adult Only Nights Click Here
    Meal Deal
    $54 Special
    4 Admissions (kids or adults)
    Rentals Included (regular skates or rollerblades)
    4 Playground Wristbands (elementary aged kids only)
    1 Large 16" Thin Crust Cheese Pizza
    1 Pitcher or 4 Water Bottles
    40 Arcade Tokens
    *Toppings $1.50 each
    **Addtional skaters are charged regular rates

  • All children 3-17yrs are charged to enter the building, skating or observing
  • Skate Mates: (walkers) are $3
  • Membership Cards: Accepted includes admission, regular skates, & playground (blade upgrade $1)


  • All children 3yrs-17yrs are charged admission, even to observe.
  • Children 7yrs old & younger must have an adult stay with them – no “drop-offs.”  The adult is not required to skate.
  • We do offer 50% off standard admission during this session for those with a valid military I.d. and their family.
  • Due to the nature of this business, special theatrical lighting & haze effects are used during this event.  This may include intense lighting and strobe effects both on the skating floor and in the arcade.  Those with a sensitivity to light or with epilepsy should use caution and are entering at their own risk.

Skate and play at your risk, Not responsible for accidents. WI STATS. 895.525 (3) & (4)
Times, Packages, & Prices May Change Without Notice