This is a skate & play at your own risk facility. Please read the full details listed below.

Skate and play at your risk, Not responsible for accidents. WI STATS. 895.525 (3) & (4)

Times, Packages, & Prices May Change Without Notice

PLEASE NOTE: The rink is supervised, however, this is not a daycare facility. Adult supervision is recommended. Guests 9yrs & younger must have an adult in attendance. The adult is not required to skate. One adult is required for every 10 kids that are 9yrs or younger.

Important Policies:

  • Guests are asked to be respectful of each other’s space.
  • Please use the provided hand sanitizer located throughout the building.
  • Face masks are recommended.
  • No one is admitted early
  • No one can stay later than indicated ticket time
  • Everyone, skating or observing, 3yrs-103yrs old is charged to enter
  • Due to the nature of this business, special theatrical lighting & haze effects are used during this event. This may include intense lighting and strobe effects both on the skating floor and in the arcade. Those with a sensitivity to light or epilepsy should use caution and are entering at their own risk.


  • Adults and children will be required to adhere to following safety rules.
  • Obey all verbal and written rules at all times.
  • Socks are required.
  • No stopping or standing on the skating surface unless instructed by the DJ.
  • Remain skating in the regular skating direction without skating into the center unless instructed by the DJ.
  • Food and drink are NOT allowed on the skating floor, on the ledge around the skating floor, in the playground, on the video games, or in the bathrooms.
  • No skater is allowed to pick up/carry another patron.
  • Racing, chasing, and playing tag are not allowed.
  • All accidents and concerns must be reported to HRSC senior staff immediately
  • Alcohol/drugs are not allowed in the facility. Persons who appear to be under the influence will be denied entry, suspended from future visits and denied a refund
  • In the event of inclement weather the rink may close early or cancel posted hours and events.
  • HRSC cannot refrigerate, freeze, store, heat, or prepare any item a guest brings in.
  • Carry in drinks, including water bottles, are NOT ALLOWED.
    *Exception: In the event of a food allergy, please contact management for approval. AFTER APPROVAL a food item may be allowed in for the individual with the allergy only. You will receive written consent via email, please bring a consent email to the event.
  • Noisemakers, confetti, pinatas, and silly strings are NOT allowed.
  • Decorations cannot be pinned or taped anywhere in the facility.
  • Patrons may bring their own skates or rollerblades. All personal equipment must be inspected by HRSC staff prior to use. Equipment must be clean, and in general “good repair.”
  • Scooters are NOT allowed.
  • Wheelchairs are welcome on the rink. The wheels must be dry, clean, smooth and the equipment must be in overall good repair.
  • SMALL strollers are welcome on the rink but must be pushed by an adult, not a child. No additional items can be attached to or stored in the stroller. This is to avoid items from falling and becoming a tripping hazard.
  • ALLERGIES: Items containing peanuts and other tree nuts ARE SOLD in the vending machine and may be present in the kitchen & toy counter.


  • The playground is designed for ages 3yrs-10yrs old
  • Children 2-5yrs old require direct PARENT supervision
  • Children must be FULLY POTTY TRAINED to enter the playground
  • No shoes or skates allowed
  • Socks are required
  • No food or drink
  • No climbing up the slide
  • No climbing underneath, behind, on top of, or along the outside of the playground
  • All accidents and concerns must be reported to HRSC senior staff immediately