Public Sessions Paused

The rinks will be closed Nov. 16th – Dec. 15th. There will be no open skate/public sessions during this timeframe. There were several factors involved in making this decision. We chatted with staff and we all agree that it is best to close up shop for a short time.

With the increase in positive case numbers in our community health officials are urging folks to stay home as much as possible. We agree with this recommendation.

With repeated strong reminders to stay home business is very slow. We feel it is best that we take a break right now and limit operating expenses so we can stay and be part of the community in the long run.

Customers with a current party reservation, please check your email! We will be open and ready for your event. Your public party just became a private event at no extra charge.

Membership Card Holders – as before, your membership expiration date will be extended. As we will be closed for public sessions for four weeks, your expiration date will be extended for four weeks.

This was not an easy decision to make! It’s nerve-racking closing our business. Please, be respectful. We kindly ask that you keep political and controversial comments to yourself.