To Our Guests,

As the owners of High Roller Skating Center we would like to share with you our current plans to move forward.  We recognize that the last few months have been stressful and at times scary for many.  It certainly has been for us. 

We recognize opinions vary greatly concerning the stay at home orders and guidelines.  We kindly ask that you keep political or controversial opinions off our posts.

We understand that you might not be ready to visit the rink and that is okay!  We hope to entertain you and your family when you are ready!


  • Capacity will be kept to approximately 15%.  
  • Current 2020 Membership cards will be extended until May 1st, 2021. 


  • Private parties are available.
  • Public parties are available but limited.
  • Previously scheduled packages have been emailed. The remaining standard package price will be waived.  We are also trying our best to accommodate moving previously scheduled public birthdays to private events.

We are eager to get back to work and we miss our customers.  As a proud member of the Roller Skating Association International, we have spoken with numerous other roller skating rink owners across the country who are all facing similar obstacles. Our businesses provide a safe haven to our communities by keeping kids off the streets, combating childhood obesity, & teaching social skills.  We have operated the rink in the Eau Claire community for 6 years and in the La Crosse community for 21 years.  We believe we can continue to maintain a safe recreational activity for the community.

With respect,
Mark & Amanda Christianson

Covid-19 Operational Plan

  • Employees will be educated and trained concerning policy changes prior to re-opening with additional weekly updates.
  • The information below is ever-changing as mandates and recommendations are ever-changing.
  1. Employees will be educated concerning all possible symptoms of the disease and will be given a questionnaire prior to beginning each shift.
  2. Infrared no touch forehead monitors will be used on both employees and customers prior to entry.  
  3. Masks will be provided to all employees.  Customers will be required to wear a mask while the mandate is in effect. Bring your own, clean approved mask, or purchase a disposable mask for $1. Masks can be removed while SEATED at a table WHILE eating or drinking.
  4. Customers will be required to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer immediately upon entering the building and prior to receiving their rentals.  *This policy was in place during the last two weeks prior to closing.
  5. Social distancing floor stickers will be applied to the lobby, rental, and snack bar counters.
  6. Business hours will be changed to  “sessions” throughout the day.  The building will be closed in between sessions to allow for cleaning and disinfecting prior to welcoming new guests.  GUESTS CANNOT STAY IN THE BUILDING IN BETWEEN SESSIONS. MINORS CANNOT BE LEFT UNSUPERVISED IN THE PARKING LOT IN BETWEEN SESSIONS. *PROMPTLY PICK UP YOUR KIDS WHEN WE CLOSE!*
  7. At this time, capacity will be limited to approximately 15%.  This is a 24,000sq ft facility.  The capacity number may change with the ever-changing guidelines 
  8. Guests will be encouraged to complete payments/reservations online prior to entering.
  9. Snack bar tables will be limited.  Select tables will be taped off / closed to guests to encourage further social distancing.
  10. Select lockers will be permanently locked and closed to guests to encourage further social distancing.  The remaining lockers available to guests will be at least six feet apart.
  11. A handwashing schedule will be supplied to staff and posted clearly.
  12. Additional handwashing signs will be posted for guests.  
  13. Guests will be asked to sanitize their hands prior to receiving their food orders at the snack counter. 
  14. A prerecorded safety message with audio and video will be played throughout each session.
  15. Staff will have hand sanitizer available for guests in addition to hand washing.  We have an 80% alcohol sanitizer spray stocked.
  16. Paper food menus will no longer be used.
  17. Guests will be informed upon entering that food items cannot be left unattended at tables.  Guests will further be instructed to throw away all unused items themselves.
  18. Lysol disinfectant spray will be used on all rentals.  This has been standard procedure for twenty-one years.
  19. Skate trainers (walkers) will be sanitized after each guest.  This has been standard procedure since adding these devices six years ago.
  20. The indoor playground will be limited to small private events until further notice.
  21. Disinfectant will be applied to all surfaces of the playground using a ULV fogging machine between each session hen the playground reopens. *AT THIS TIME THE PLAYGROUND IS CLOSED.
  22. Activities that encourage direct customer interaction will be suspended until further notice.
  23. All hard surfaces will be both cleaned and disinfected every two and a half hours. 
  24. We stock a medical grade cleaner and disinfectant (MediClean® Germicidal Cleaner Concentrate).
  25. Plexiglass barriers have been installed at counters.
  26. Guests are responsible for social distancing
  27. Respect each other’s space
  28. Respect each other’s opinions.
  29. Persons defying social distancing guidelines will be asked to leave without a refund.
  30. Persons not practicing good hygiene guidelines will be asked to leave without a refund.  

Policy Updates:

Because capacity will be significantly limited as we welcome guests back our entry fees and policies have changed slightly.

  1. Rates for minors entering the facility will remain the same.
  2. Observing adults will be charged a $3 entry fee.
  3. The entry fee for adults wishing to skate will remain the same, $5 with rentals included. 
  4. We have modified both the public & private birthday party packages.  We have LOWERED the rates of each package.
  5. LONG socks will be required to rent skates.  Ankle socks will not be permitted.  Long socks are available to purchase and the price remains the same, $2.
  6. At this time the playground will remain closed during all public events.
  7. At this time, snack bar prices will remain the same, however, we will be offering a slightly smaller menu during select times.
  8. We have taken steps to implement recommended guidelines and protocols issued by the CDC and local public health officials for slowing the transmission of COVID 19.  However, social distancing, handwashing, and covering your mouth and nose with a facemask are your responsibility.  We cannot make guarantees regarding your health despite our reasonable efforts to mitigate COVID 19 exposure.  By voluntarily visiting you are assuming full responsibility for any risk