Covid-19 Update

We are aware that the “stay at home” order is evolving with the recent decision made by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. We are TENTATIVELY planning/hoping to offer modified public skating hours beginning July 1st.


– We want to make sure we open safely and do it right the first time.
– We desperately need to get back to making an income, but until we can host a certain amount of guests the profit margins would be non-existent.
**To be frank, running a large building is expensive. The additional cleaning supplies add to our expenses.
-We want to make sure we have enough cleaning and disinfectant on hand before opening. The supply chains are still slow. It would be a real bummer to open & then close because of a shortage in disinfectant. 😉
– We have been in contact with the local health department and have submitted a plan for reopening.
– Hopefully, we will be able to open for small private events even sooner.

We kindly ask that you keep political or controversial opinions off our posts.

This is not a decision that was made lightly. We are doing what we believe is best for guests, employees, the business, and our family.

We WILL see ya’ later skaters!