Kids Skate Free

Roller skating is…

  • A fun way to increase muscular strength and cardiorespiratory endurance.
  • A way to burn anywhere from 330 to 600 calories per hour!
  • Great for improving balance and flexibility.
  • A fantastic source of aerobic exercise.
  • A key to weight control.
  • Easy to learn.
  • A great tension reliever and enthusiasm builder.
  • An excellent way to help maintain good health.

Click here for 2 free skate admission passes per week!

  • Registration is free.
  • Passes are emailed every Sunday after 10pm.
  • Passes are valid during numerous days/times throughout the week.
  • Passes will continue to be sent all year long.
  • Rental is $2 / Playground $3
  • No charge for observing adults.
  • Duplicates are removed.  Those abusing this offer will be banned. 
  • Rude children will be banned from the system.
  • Please be honest.  Please tell your children to use respect and follow the rules.

This program is also available to all public and private Physical Education Teachers

Summer Fitness Program